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Hands Free Kits

Kens Auto Spares supply and fit Bluetooth Hands Free Kits. Our most popular models are the Parrot MKi9200 and the CK3100. All our installations will work in harmony with your car's existing speaker and stereo system.

Both our showcased models, MKI9200 & CK3100 are similar when it comes to voice calling.

Parrot Features include:

  • Put calls through the vehicle's speakers
  • Auto-connect to your phone
  • Automatically mute the radio
  • No cradles or wires or charging is necessary
  • Iphone compatible
  • Software upgradeable
  • Caller ID
  • Phone Book Synchronisation & last dialled/last called.

We offer the two latest Parrot models, MKI9200 and CK3100.

Sometimes additional wiring adaptors/kits are required to integrate certain vehicles. In such cases, these will show as required when you choose your vehicle.

Parrot MKI9200

This is the top-end solution. The main difference between this and the CK3100 is the additional features of Music Playback and the bigger screen.


  • Bigger 2.4" Full Colour Screen Display
  • Play and control music stored on your Phone / Iphone / Ipod and plays it through your car's speaker system
  • Double Microphone
  • Displays contact photo if stored on phone
  • Put a wallpaper on the screen which shows when not in use


  • More Expensive and probably not worth it if you're only looking for voice/phone calling

Parrot CK3100


  • Good option for those who only need hands-free voice calling
  • Easy to use


  • The small screen has less display features than the MKI
  • No Music Playback feature