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Parking Sensors

Kens Auto Spares specialise in the supply and fitting of Parking or Reversing Sensors to cars and vans.

Our sensors use the same technology used by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), on cars from new and our preferred brand, Dolphin, is used by car dealerships across the country.

We offer the option of rear audible sensors or rear sensors with camera. All Sensor's can be colour matched to your car's paintwork.

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Parking sensors are one of those things – once you have them, you will wonder how you lived without them! They detect obstacles behind and/or in front, to aid your parking and avoid damage. They work using Ultrasonic technology which emits a cone of sound which bounces of obstacles behind and feeds back to the sensor and alerts the driver.

At Kens, we fit a few different types of parking sensors: 1) Audible (sound) alert 2) Combined audio alert with visual display. 3) Audio alert combined with a Reversing Camera Most vehicles nowadays have colour coded bumpers. To blend the sensors with the car, our sensors come in a range of colours to match to your vehicles colour. Please Note: If you opt for a front & rear sensor sensor kit, the front sensors do not automatically come on; the front sensors are activated via a switch mounted in the drivers cabin. For more information feel free to call or email us.